Sebastian Schöps
  OctConf 2013
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Sebastian Schöps

Niobe - a Octave/Matlab Based Environment for Coupled Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Field Simulations in Teaching and Research

Sebastian Schöps
TU Darmstadt, Graduate School CE

Herbert De Gersem
KU Leuven, Wave Propagation and Signal Processing Research Group

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We present a 2D finite elements package tailored for low frequency electromagnetic field simulations. It has been successfully used to in the design and simulation of real-world devices as electrical machines and magnets for particle accelerators, as well as research and teaching. We use external software as e.g. FEMM (URL: and Triangle (URL: for drawing and meshing but the core components are written in Octave/Matlab syntax and are available under a free license. The convenient Octave/Matlab syntax allows researchers to experiment with new ideas quickly (rapid prototyping) and reduces the teaching effort for students (either Bachelor, Master or PhD level). We will present examples where the software has been used in research (e.g. weak and strong coupling schemes for field/circuit problems) and in teaching (e.g. practical introduction to finite elements).

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