Held at   Politecnico di Milano
 Aula Rogers
 via Ampère 2
 Milan, Italy
September 9 - 11, 2013
The conference provides a forum for the discussion of new developments and applications of statistical models and computational methods for the analysis of complex and high dimensional data.

Plenary Speakers
- Arnoldo Frigessi, University of Oslo
- Brunero Liseo, Sapienza UniversitĂ  di Roma
- Steve Marron, UNC-Chapel Hill
- Refik Soyer, The George Washington University

Related event
In honor of the 150th anniversary of Politecnico di Milano, that will be celebrated in 2013, the conference is promoting a competition leading to a BarCamp on ''Technology foresight and statistics for the future''. See BarCamp - SCo2013
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The conference is supported by:
Politecnico di Milano        
MOX - Modeling and Scientific Computing    
Società Italiana di Statistica    
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